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Diigo Provides A New Communication Channel for Government Transparency and Policy

Some of you already know what a big fan I am of Perhaps it’s because I’ve always been a literary person or perhaps it’s because I’ve been working in online research of decades, but for me, Diigo is a revolutionary tool. If you’re like me, you bookmark hundreds of websites/pages that you want to [...]

US News Poll: Putting Women Back in Their Place

You must be joking: And taking the absurdity even further, the current winner in the ridiculous poll is Governor Palin–a woman who ran one of the most vicious campaigns for vice president we’ve seen in a long time. What have the other women done to make them less desirable care-givers? As far as I can [...]

Can We Recession Proof Public Colleges and Univesities?

As a recent New York Times article pointed out, ever since The Chronicle of Higher Education published the results of its annual executive compensation survey, some college chief executives began to experience very public pangs of overcompensation in a down economy–particularly once said presidents began to see their names appear in the flurry of local [...]

Hoping for Failure: The Newest Republican Strategy

That’s right, hoping that more Americans suffer from the current financial crisis is considered a viable political strategy by Republicans.  From their national spokesman, Rush Limbaugh: “I want the stimulus package to fail. I want everything he’s doing to fail” (hair flip to Media Matters and Steve Benen) Add “Diaper Dave” Vitter to the list [...]

#taxcuts: Creating Twitter Hashtags That Inspire Action

Since working on Twitter Vote Report, I’ve been thinking about how to use Twitter effectively for social and political activism. My conversations with Jon Pincus about #topprog, #digg and the use of hashtags for action have inspired me to discuss it a bit further. And when we talk about promoting any kind of group behavior [...]

Tax Cuts Will Not Work. Heed The Voters,

Call Ensign and Heller. They are hearing from Rush Limbaugh’s ditto heads. They should be hearing from you!

#taxcuts and #topprog

I’ve been giving #topprog some heat lately, but it’s all been out of love I assure you. I may wish that a less copycatty and easier to type tag had been chosen, but I probably want #topprog to work more than most people–even those who are now starting to build the infrastructure for it’s use, [...]

Blogging for Women’s Rights at Care2

I just wanted to let you all know that part of the reason I’m not posting here as much is because I am also blogging several times a week for Care2 on their Women’s Rights blog. I’m trying to help them build up a readership and I’d love for you to follow me over there [...]

Claire McCaskill: “These People Are Idiots!”

I think McCaskill says it all for us. However, I would add that “these guys” think we’re idiots too.

Truth About Employee Free Choice Act

From American Rights at Work:

Is IWF’s Michelle Bernard Becoming the Kindler Gentler Ann Coulter?

The Independent Women’s Forum must be paying Michelle Bernard A LOT. She may take over as the Republican Party’s more gentile version of Anne Coulter. With Bernard and new RNC Chair Michael Steele at the helm of two of their important institutions, Republicans look to be trying to remove racism as one of their strategies [...]

Boehner: Republicans Are No Longer in the Business of Legislating

That title is almost an exact quote from remarks House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) made last week at the Republican retreat at The Homestead, a posh Virginia resort. The full quote is below. From the Politico last week: Before Gingrich offered that somewhat surprising praise, Boehner reminded Republicans that they are no longer in [...]

Americans Should Become Squatters In Their Own Homes

Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) has got a point and I certainly appreciate her passion for helping American families rather than the financial companies that have dragged this country into the gutter. I would like to see members of Nevada’s House delegation demonstration this kind of anger and indignation for Nevada families and homeowners. Titus and [...]