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TransparencyCamp Take Aways for Non-profits

Cross posted at “We have brought the techies and the policy wonks together, and they aren’t that different.” Greg Elin, Sunlight Foundation. After returning from The Sunlight Foundation’s TransparencyCamp last week, I described the vibe this way: There were so many moments at TransparencyCamp when I felt I was in the presence of an [...]

On Socialism

Sometimes, I feel like all I can do is hope people change as they experience more. In the case of Amanda Williams, the Reno News & Review’s latest conservative columnist, I certainly hope that will be the case. But I would like to offer her a technical point and direct her to some research for [...]

SEIU Thanks Harry Reid

TransparencyCamp 2009: The Space Race Isn’t Over After All

I think I’ve finally had enough time to absorb all of the people, projects, thoughts, and feelings I experienced while attending the Sunlight Foundation’s TransparencyCamp last weekend, but I still don’t know that I’ve found a good way to describe the spirit of the event, but I’m going to try. Oddly, what keeps running through [...]