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Stop Fake Reform

See, I am an equal opportunity critic. Change Congress launched the Stop Fake Reform campaign today asking the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to ban PAC and lobbyist contributions 365 days a year, not just when it’s convenient. They need 5,000 signatures so give them one. I did. I like this [...]

Who Doesn’t Like the Nevada Clean Air Act? Your State Legislature.

Remember back in 2006 when the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act (Question 5) passed in Washoe County by a solid margin?  The act that took effect in 2007,  banned smoking in any indoor space where minors may be present and where food is served. Guess what your state senators have been up to?  Gutting the [...]

Teabagging and A Farewell

I tried to submit this as a comment on Amanda Williams’ latest and last editorial on the Reno News & Review site but there was an Amazon-like “glitch” and the comment was never submitted. So I am posting it below with a few minor adjustments. I’m sorry to see that Amanda, like most teabaggers, doesn’t [...]

Call Senator Ensign and Demand Accountability on S.482!

I don’t care what party you belong, the best way to clean up Washington D.C. and keep our lawmakers honest is to have easy access to their campaign finances. And the more accessible that information is, the better. That’s where Senate bill S.482 comes in. It’s a no brainer really. S.482 requires senators to file [...]