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Ensign Comes Out Swinging

Ensign was the topic of conversation every where I went this weekend. It’s been my thinking since his initial refusal to resign that: Ensign won’t resign. To resign would be admitting wrong doing and he can’t afford to do that now. Ensign would rather weather a Senate Ethics Committee investigation than resign and go away [...]

Ensign’s Cozy Relationship With The Hampton Family

So now the nation knows that Ensign had an affair with Cynthia Hampton, wife of Douglas Hampton–both former employees of Ensign at some point during the already infamous affair. But Brandon Hampton, the son of Douglas and Cynthia Brandon, was also employed by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is headed up by Senator Ensign. [...]

Should Senator Ensign Resign over Extra-marital Affair?

You might not believe this, but I don’t think we should stop automatically be calling for Senator Ensign to resign. Our knee jerk reaction to politicians caught with their hand in the adultery cookie jar should not be to call for their resignation. But for conservatives who find themselves defending Senator Ensign’s right to keep [...]

Nevada Senator Ensign to Acknowledge Extra-marital Affair

The Fix (Washington Post political blog) is reporting that Nevada Senator John Ensign is about to acknowledge an extra-marital affair in a press conference later today–a sure bet that he’s trying to clear the air for a presidential run or that someone else was about to go public with the news: Ensign, a member of [...]