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Progressive Author John Dean Headlines Virginia Demmler Honor Roll Dinner

It’s time to celebrate your local Washoe County Democratic Party and what a great event! Dirty Tricks: Politics from Watergate to the Silver State Progressive author John Dean headlines Democratic Party dinner, Nov. 7 RENO — Former Nixon administration whistle blower John Dean will keynote the Washoe County Democratic Party’s (WCDP) largest fundraising event. What: [...]

Sign Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s Petition to Pressure White House

It’s crunch time and reports have been confirmed that the Obama Administration favors Olympia Snowe style triggers rather than emphatically supporting what 70% of Americans want–a strong public option–it’s time for us to pressure the White House. Today the Progressive Change Campaign Committee launched a new ad today asking Obama to fulfill the promises he [...]

FDL Action Health Care Highlights for Friday 10/23/09

Call Senator Reid and thank him for supporting the public option. We have to keep the pressure on in order to fight the resistance from the White House and conservative democrats. On to the highlights! Here are the FDL Action health care highlights for Friday, October 23. 1. Jon Walker asks, “Is the President fighting [...]

Public Option Campaigns Working on Senator Harry Reid

The New York Times reported Harry Reid is leaning in favor of a public health insurance option, and quoted a senior Democratic aide saying: “There is a growing sense that we need to lead on this issue and not wait for it to be offered on the Senate floor. The idea is that it’s better [...]

Public Option Supporters, Call Senator Harry Reid Today!

And tell him to support the public option.  The majority of Nevadans support the public option and more than 80% of Nevada democrats support the public option.  Senator Reid has the power to push the public option into the senate bill during the reconciliation process going on right now.  Please tell him that’s what you [...]

FDL Action Health Care Highlights for Tuesday, October 20

I had an interesting conversation with someone working on The Hill today about Harry Reid’s leadership style and the current political climate. I’ll be writing a longer post about that in the next few days, but I did want to make one point. It’s clear to me that the Obama Administration is not doing enough [...]

Rory Reid Launches Gubernatorial Campaign In Reno

And there will be free food! From a press release from the campaign: Rory Reid will launch his campaign for governor this Thursday, October 15 at 5:30 p.m. at the California Building in Idlewild Park in Reno. At the event, Reid will formally announce his candidacy to Northern voters and speak about his vision for [...]

Interview with Senator Harry Reid about Health Care Reform

Last Thursday, I sent four questions to Senator Harry Reid through Erin Skinner Cochran, a member of Reid’s New Media team. Understandably, it took a few days for Reid’s office to respond thanks to Reid’s singular role in the health care reform battle. I received Reid’s answers to my original questions today and have printed [...]