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President Obama Healthcare Speech at George Mason University

President Obama spoke at my alma mater George Mason University on March 19th about health care reform. Watch it!

Dear Senator Ensign, RESIGN

A federal grand jury has issued subpoenas to a Republican campaign committee and companies in Nevada in a probe of Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, who has been under scrutiny for his efforts to find lobbying work for the husband of his former mistress. It’s time. Seriously. It’s over. Just do it. Give it up. [...]

Progressive Candidates, Campaigners, and Activists: Attend Camp Wellstone

Download now or preview on posterous CampWellstone.pdf (74 KB) Educate, Advocate, Organize!  Attend Camp Wellstone in Las Vegas April 16-18 Wellstone Action is a national center for training and leadership development in the progressive movement.  Founded in January 2003, Wellstone Action's mission is ignite leadership in people and power in communities to win change in [...]

Tea Party Doesn’t Endorse Tea Party of Nevada Candidate?

Eric Odom of and Liberty First PAC isn’t happy about Tea Party of Nevada’s candidate in the governor’s race, Scott Ashjian. Odom has published a poll asking if Ashjian should withdraw from the race. And in the accompanying blog post Odom questions Ashjian Tea Party Movement credentials: “I believe the fact that Ashjian is [...]

Don’t Miss NCET’s eWeek Events

Celebrating and Encouraging Nevada's Entrepreneurs Visit NCET's eWeek website for a list of events and RSVP information 2010 eWeek Reno – Schedule of Events – March 6 – 14 RSVP 2010 eWeek Las Vegas About eWeek eWeek Planning Sessions 2009 Las Vegas eWeek – Feb 23 – 27 2009 Reno eWeek – March 7 – [...]