Tea Party Doesn’t Endorse Tea Party of Nevada Candidate?

Eric Odom of TaxTeaParty.com and Liberty First PAC isn’t happy about Tea Party of Nevada’s candidate in the governor’s race, Scott Ashjian. Odom has published a poll asking if Ashjian should withdraw from the race. And in the accompanying blog post Odom questions Ashjian Tea Party Movement credentials:

“I believe the fact that Ashjian is even in the race is enough evidence of his blatant disregard for the wishes of the Tea Party Movement. Nevada activists, Nevada tea partiers, tea party organizers, and even national tea party related organizations (including ours) have all rebuked Ashjian and his candidacy, yet he continues on with his bid for the seat.”

Odom links to a Nevada New Bureau post describing their investigation into Ashjian’s background and the background of those associated with the Tea Party of Nevada.

eric odom tweet las vegas

Odom is now based in Las Vegas and focusing on building up the tea party movement organization by funding candidates through the Liberty First PAC. And defeating Harry Reid seems to be a top priority as demonstrated on their website. Odom’s organization links to h FreedomWorks’ the Tax Day Tea Party in Washington D.C. on April 15th.

Update: 10:38pm PST
When I asked Odom whether or not Liberty First is working with FreedomWorks, Odom replied on Twitter that Liberty First only links to FreedomWorks’ efforts in organizing the Tax Day Tea Party and that there is a funding firewall between the two organizations: “we don’t fund anything that FW does, and they don’t fund anything we do.”

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