Progressive Candidates, Campaigners, and Activists: Attend Camp Wellstone

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Educate, Advocate, Organize!  Attend Camp Wellstone in Las Vegas April 16-18

Wellstone Action is a national center for training and leadership development in the progressive movement.  Founded in January 2003, Wellstone Action's mission is ignite leadership in people and power in communities to win change in the progressive tradition of Paul and Sheila Wellstone. For the past seven years, Wellstone Action has worked to turn the tide away from conservatives and give tens of thousands of progressives the skills to win elections and advance an agenda of change.  Now, with the election of President Barack Obama and the mobilization of millions of Americans to become engaged in politics for the first time, Wellstone Action and the progressive movement have incredible opportunities to not only tap into the energy of those volunteers and voters, but build on the skills and experience to develop thousands of candidates, campaign workers, and issue campaign organizers.

  • Location: TBD; participants are responsible for their own accommodations.
  • Camp runs 3-9 on Friday, 9-6 on Saturday, and 9-3:30 on Sunday.
  • Three meals are provided with your registration fee, as well as one of our books and customized training materials.
  • Contact:, Phone: 651.414.6037

Citizen Activist Track
Learn how to win on issues and build community power! Some sessions include:
• Grassroots Organizing
• Base Building
• Advocacy & Lobbying
• Volunteer recruitment
• Strategic planning

Campaign Track
Learn how to run successful electoral campaigns! Some sessions include:
• Campaign Plan & Budget
• Online Organizing
• Field Organizing
• Grassroots Fundraising
• Direct Voter Contact Plan

Candidate Track
Learn the skills needed to run for office yourself! Some sessions include:
• Base Building
• Paid Media & Direct Mail
• Targeting & Field
• Stump Speech
• Grassroots Fundraising

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