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RINO BS Campaign Mailers Targeting Brian Sandoval

Download now or preview on posterous BSmailers.pdf (1312 KB) Several reporters and bloggers have been receiving campaign mailers targeting Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval.  Who is "A. Republican?"  Is he or she a Republican supporting Gibbons or Reid?  Is he or she a Democrat supporting Reid?  Does he or she just really hate Brian Sandoval?  [...]

Just Me and Ken Layne Like Wonkette

For some reason I wanted to preserve this for posterity. After Ken Layne, I'm the second person to "Like" Wonkette on Facebook. Posted via email from MyrnaTheMinx’s posterous

Mitch McConnell, I Mean Frank Luntz, I Mean Mitch McConnell

See Mitch McConnell rely exclusively on Republican pollster Frank Luntz’s talking points to argue against regulation that would PREVENT future “Big Bank Bailouts.” But don’t let the truth get in the way there, Mitch.

Latest Nevada Politician to Embarass Himself (Again), Assemblyman Ty Cobb

“Just a bunch of guys messing around.” Really Assemblyman Ty Cobb? Are you in high school? DayPortPlayer.newPlayer({articleID:”7528″,playerInstanceID:”0A49490D-27DB-8F26-F969-CB32D156F8F8″,domain:””});

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