Latest Nevada Politician to Embarass Himself (Again), Assemblyman Ty Cobb

“Just a bunch of guys messing around.” Really Assemblyman Ty Cobb? Are you in high school?

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Is this behavior really surprising from Mr. Cobb? I saw him and his girlfriend at dinner last weekend and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for such a beautiful young lady being with a guy that was not even in her league and also yet such a child. My wife kept giving me a hard time because I kept looking over at their table only to wonder what their conversation was about. I surely hope she opens her eyes and realizes what a complete loser this guy really is. I know I have seen his girlfriend at City Council meetings – she works for a known local developer and can say that she is a catch for any other guy to have other than Mr. Ty Cobb – he definetly is a child.

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