About Tracy Viselli
Tracy Viselli is an online media strategist, blogger, political activist, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Nevada Interactive Media and Summit. As Myrna the Minx, Viselli has been raising hell for years at her political placeblog Reno and Its Discontents, but her online media exploits extend far beyond Reno, Nevada. Viselli is a contributor to The Political Voices Of Women and blogs about politicss and women’s rights at Care2.org. She was a part of the TwitterVoteReport team and continues to explore the possibilities for activism on Twitter as well as experiment with government transparency and crowdsourcing in projects soon to be announced. Viselli is featured weekly in the National Journal’s Bloggers Poll and her online work has been mentioned in a variety of national and international media outlets including; the CNN, , The Hill, UK TimesOnline, Politico, Huffington Post, National Journal, Hotline, PBS’ Media Shift, the Reno Gazette-Journal and the Las Vegas Review Journal. She is also a member of Women In Politics and Technology (WIPT) and WomenWhoTech. You can find Viselli on LinkedIn, Facebook, FriendFeed, and Twitter.

Viselli is passionate about the role social media can play in bridging the gap between citizens and their government and has been involved in several projects working to that end. She also provides online media strategy consulting services to individuals, companies, and advocacy groups.

Viselli earned an M.A. in Teaching Writing and Literature at George Mason University and has spent most of her career working in technology management, strategic planning, and assessment in higher education. In her newest day job, Viselli uses her online expertise with social media as a Senior Manager of Social Media at QuinStreet, Inc. She is one of those lucky bloggers who actually landed a job because of her blogging.

Viselli loves her local community and is proud to be the co-founder of the Nevada Interactive Media Summit and a Truckee Meadows Tomorrow board member.
Why Myrna the Minx
My pseudonym was inspired by Myrna Minkoff in John Kennedy O’Toole’s “A Confederacy of Dunces.” Myrna saves the protagonist, Ignatius, from himself.

“Soon Myrna’s brutal social manner had driven my courtiers from the table and we were left alone, all cold coffee and hot words.” Ignatius J. Reilly A Confederacy of Dunces, p.161

What’s WEFI?
WEFI is an abbreviated name for the intersection of West and First Streets and a tongue in cheek play on the districts of major cities such as NoLIta and SOHO in New York or SOMA in San Francisco.