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So Long Reno

Not much blogging has been going on here for a lot of reasons; one of which explains why I’m leaving Reno soon. Some of you may have noticed my growing interest in government transparency, egovernment, online organizing, and online civic participation as I participated in projects like TwitterVoteReport (returning soon for the 2o1o midterm elections) [...]

Watch Out for The Parking Police River Festival Contestants

Consider this a warning. The Reno Police Department is taking parking A LOT more seriously this year. So much seriously that they are enforcing the 2 hour parking rule in the lot in Barbara Bennett Park (across the street from Wingfield Park–something they really didn’t enforce in years past. So let this be a warning [...]

Meet Keynote Speaker Erin Kotecki Vest, @QueenofSpain

We totally lucked out this year! As many of you know, I help organize the Nevada Interactive Media Summit each year, and this year, we were able to convince Erin Kotecki Vest to be our keynote speaker. Erin will also be the social media keynote at the Reynolds School of Journalism’s Jweek. Believe me, you [...]

Register Now for Nevada Interactive Media Summit

Listening, Building, Engaging Nevada Interact will bring together business owners, non-profit advocates, publishers, newsmakers, bloggers, podcasters, filmmakers, media, PR and advertising professionals and anyone else interested in interactive media from every corner of Nevada together for hands-on learning, rich discussions, opportunities to meet with local companies working in interactive media and plentiful networking opportunities. When: [...]

Downtown Makeover is Reno’s Best Blog

First, I apologize to all the other fine bloggers in Reno, but I am campaigning for Downtown Makeover Dude (DMD) to be named Reno’s Best Blogger and for his blog Downtown Makeover to win as Reno’s best website in the Reno News & Review’s Best of Northern Nevada feature. Mike has spent years attending city [...]

I case you missed it, the RGJ recently wrote a story on my niece, 8 year old kayaker Sage Donnelly, as a lead up to the 2009 Reno River Festival this weekend. She didn’t place, but, as the only girl and youngest contestant competing in the cadet division, she still kicked ass (if I do [...]

Spring Arrives with A Big Splash in Downtown Reno

This weekend is THE weekend to venture into downtown Reno. The 4rth annual Reno River Festival officially begins tomorrow with a kick-off party in my front yard–West Street Market. There will be live music by Del Mar, Harmonic Prophecy, and Sturdy Beggars and you can get food and beverages galore from the West Street Wine [...]

Obama’s Reno Rally This Morning

According to a university scheduling official, about 11,000 people attended the Obama rally this morning at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Peccole Park. I don’t believe in waiting in line, so I left the house at 9:30, hopped on the Sierra Spirit bus and arrived at the rally promptly at 10am after a short walk [...]

Laughing Liberally Saturday Night

From what little I know, I know that these guys are funny, and liberal.  We should support that.  I don’t know the other fellows, but I “know” Katie Halper and Baratunde Thurston in an online way.  Thurston started the Voter Suppression Wiki I’ve been talking about so much lately.  He’s funny and he’s an activist.  [...]

It’s A Trifector: Thanks for the Best Reno Blogger Award

I just wanted to thank all of you R & D’s who took the time to vote for moi in the Reno News & Review’s “Best of Northern Nevada” contest.  The annual contest has become massive in a way I fear may begin to make it less relevant in the future (sorry Brian but it’s [...]

Gwaltney Goes Trashy against Bobzien in Assembly District 24 Race

You hope that the kind of negative and classless campaigning we see going on in the bigger political races around the state and country wouldn’t surface in your backyard. Unfortunately, John Gwaltney, who is running against incumbent David Bobzien for the District 24 Assembly seat, has dropped his trash on our back steps. From Bobzien’s [...]

Isabelle Allende Speaks At UNR on Thursday

I must urge any one who appreciates Allende’s work, along with anyone who love great authors and great books to attend Allende’s lecture on Thursday at 7pm in the ballroom of the Joe Crowley Student Union at UNR and hosted by The Reno Latino Research Center. I’ve seen Allende speak twice and both times I [...]

Reno’s Indoor West Street Market Opens in October

If you haven’t cruised by Reno’s West Street Market in downtown in a while, you should. Construction teams have finished laying down the new courtyard, painted the former G-Spot and new home to Eco-Net a bright red, and installed some gorgeous and modern wall size glass doors. Do yourself a favor and see what a [...]

Obama Technology Policy Event in Reno

Although I spend most of my time on this blog engaging in political critique of Republican politics, politicians, policies, and practices, I have almost never committed myself financially or other wise to a particular candidate. But recently, when asked if I would be willing to organize some events centered around the Obama technology policy, I [...]

Air Guitar World Champion Hott Lixx Hulahan at West Street Market

The Holland Project is bringing Hott Lixx Hulahan to the West Street Market tomorrow night. This Friday at Art+Music Night at the West Street Market, Holland very proudly presents the newly crowned Air Guitar Champion of the World, Hott Lixx Hulahan, performing the most awesome skills you’ve ever seen. Also performing is San Francisco’s folk [...]