Civic participation

So Long Reno

Not much blogging has been going on here for a lot of reasons; one of which explains why I’m leaving Reno soon. Some of you may have noticed my growing interest in government transparency, egovernment, online organizing, and online civic participation as I participated in projects like TwitterVoteReport (returning soon for the 2o1o midterm elections) [...]

Track Nevada Census Return Rate Here

Meet Keynote Speaker Erin Kotecki Vest, @QueenofSpain

We totally lucked out this year! As many of you know, I help organize the Nevada Interactive Media Summit each year, and this year, we were able to convince Erin Kotecki Vest to be our keynote speaker. Erin will also be the social media keynote at the Reynolds School of Journalism’s Jweek. Believe me, you [...]

Register Now for Nevada Interactive Media Summit

Listening, Building, Engaging Nevada Interact will bring together business owners, non-profit advocates, publishers, newsmakers, bloggers, podcasters, filmmakers, media, PR and advertising professionals and anyone else interested in interactive media from every corner of Nevada together for hands-on learning, rich discussions, opportunities to meet with local companies working in interactive media and plentiful networking opportunities. When: [...]

Baby Boomers Hate Social Networking

It’s funny that just after writing a post about slacktivism I read yet another article on how to save ourselves from social networking in the Reno News & Review. As if we haven’t seen enough of these articles in newspapers about social networking. We get it–most journalists and “real” writers think social networking threatens the [...]

MouthPiece Theater and Slacktivism

The above charming video appeared on the Washington Post yesterday. The premise was funny; lampoon the over-exposed “Beer Summit;” Obama’s effort at healing relations between Henry Louis Gates and Sgt. James Crowley. But the skit went way too far when Dana Milbank said “And we won’t tell you who’s getting a bottle of ‘Mad Bitch” [...]

Participatory Journalism, Democratic and Flawed

Participatory journalism is extremely democratic in nature and that kind of freedom comes with flaws. The journalistic model of HuffingtonPost leverages the democratic nature of participatory journalism more successfully than any other online media outlet out there. If you’re willing to put in some work, a commenter can become a blogger, and a blogger can [...]

TransparencyCamp Take Aways for Non-profits

Cross posted at “We have brought the techies and the policy wonks together, and they aren’t that different.” Greg Elin, Sunlight Foundation. After returning from The Sunlight Foundation’s TransparencyCamp last week, I described the vibe this way: There were so many moments at TransparencyCamp when I felt I was in the presence of an [...]