So Long Reno

Not much blogging has been going on here for a lot of reasons; one of which explains why I’m leaving Reno soon. Some of you may have noticed my growing interest in government transparency, egovernment, online organizing, and online civic participation as I participated in projects like TwitterVoteReport (returning soon for the 2o1o midterm elections) [...]

America Choose the Right Party to Attend

John Mccain: private affair at a posh resort. Barack Obama: 1 million people in a public park. I think it’s clear who the People’s president is.

Get A Call From Hot Buttered Rum On Election Day

It’s A Battleground For Your Heart Nevada

Yes, they’re singing to you women of Nevada

Air Guitar World Champion Hott Lixx Hulahan at West Street Market

The Holland Project is bringing Hott Lixx Hulahan to the West Street Market tomorrow night. This Friday at Art+Music Night at the West Street Market, Holland very proudly presents the newly crowned Air Guitar Champion of the World, Hott Lixx Hulahan, performing the most awesome skills you’ve ever seen. Also performing is San Francisco’s folk [...]

Watch Out Rick, Obama Has Been Rolled

Is there anything more frightening than the Ric Roll Obamamized? I can tell you one thing–both campaigns are concerned. I expect statements any moment now. Hair flip to @Mmarianiles.

Gogol Bordello and Reno Assholery

I’m not going to write too much about Gogol Bordello’s performance on Friday. It was a great show like all their other great shows you read about. Bordello works harder physically to win the heart and soul of the audience than any band I’ve ever seen. One observation I do want to make is that [...]

Gogol Bordell: Wonderlust King

“Wonderlust King.” Another great video from Gogol Bordello, who will be in Reno on March 14.

One Reason I Might Have Watched the Oscars

Glen the Houseboy has a nice ring to it. Once is an excellent film.

Did Lionel Richie Use Helium at the Broad Contemporary Opening?

Attendee David Byrne probably would have mentioned it if he had. Helium would’ve made “Easy” (like Sunday morning) less middle of the road for sure (via Balloon Juice, via Andrew Sullivan).

Late to Gustavo Dudamel Mania

The 60 Minutes piece tonight on Venezuelan conductor wonder Gustavo Dudamel was fantastic. I found myself tearing up over his obvious joy and passion. I felt the same way I did during the scene at the end of Immortal Beloved when “Ode to Joy” plays as the audience gazes at Ludwig van Beethoven allowing himself [...]

Ramones as Muzak

This morning I was minding my own business, shopping for an ottoman at Bed Bath & Beyond and found myself humming along to Soft Cell’s surprising 1981 hit, “Tainted Love.” That’s right folks, I am actually old enough to remember the first successful cover of the excellent song originally recorded by Gloria Jones, the girlfriend [...]

Gogol Bordello in Reno

Get ready for a workout Reno, Gogol Bordello is coming to town–to the Grand Sierra on March 14th to be exact. The BBC’s Phill Jupitus has described the band as “a bit like The Clash having a fight with The Pogues in Eastern Europe.” Happy Valentine’s Day to me! Known for their live shows, I [...]

Paradise Hotel 2 Monday,Super Tuesday, and Barack Obama “Yes We Can” Video. Am I in Heaven?

I have a couple of things to say tonight as we heard into Super Tuesday. First. Paradise Hotel 2 made a somewhat staid comeback to semi-network TV on Monday night. Heretofore known as Drunk Asshole Hotel, Paradise Hotel as the single most amazing thing to happen TV since the Roots miniseries. Think about it–a bunch [...]

“Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten” Review

I saw Julien Temple’s documentary about his friend, Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten, at the Nevada Museum of Art’s theater on Wednesday night where it was playing as a part of the NMA’s new film series (which is excellent by the way). Its clear to anyone whose been reading this blog for a while [...]