So Long Reno

Not much blogging has been going on here for a lot of reasons; one of which explains why I’m leaving Reno soon. Some of you may have noticed my growing interest in government transparency, egovernment, online organizing, and online civic participation as I participated in projects like TwitterVoteReport (returning soon for the 2o1o midterm elections) [...]

Rory Reid Launches Gubernatorial Campaign In Reno

And there will be free food! From a press release from the campaign: Rory Reid will launch his campaign for governor this Thursday, October 15 at 5:30 p.m. at the California Building in Idlewild Park in Reno. At the event, Reid will formally announce his candidacy to Northern voters and speak about his vision for [...]

Blogging for Women’s Rights at Care2

I just wanted to let you all know that part of the reason I’m not posting here as much is because I am also blogging several times a week for Care2 on their Women’s Rights blog. I’m trying to help them build up a readership and I’d love for you to follow me over there [...]

“So What” Bush Says

And this is why George W. Bush should never have been voted into the office of the president. ”So What.” From an ABC News interview with Martha Raddatz after the shoe-throwing incident: Bush: There have been no attacks since I have been president, since 9/11. One of the major theaters against al Qaeda turns out to [...]

Reid Statement: Republicans Responsible For Killing Millions of American Jobs

From Senator Reid’s office (via email): “Given the unhappy choice between a bridge loan and bankruptcy, Democrats have always believed that we must give the Big Three and the millions of Americans they employ every possible chance to succeed. “By rejecting every good-faith bipartisan compromise – including those from the White House and Senator Bob [...]

We Hate Unions, Screw the U.S. Economy

Tonight’s stand by Republicans is exactly that–they hate unions so much they’re will to screw the rest of us over over peanuts. Republicans, especially Southern Republicans, have a deep and abiding hatred of labor unions. Why?  I know WalMart does a spectacular business at the expense of their employees and the U.S. economy, but really, [...]

More Proof That George Bush Is A Giant Asshole

More proof that George W. Bush and his administration is one giant asshole. Unfortunately, we’ll undoubtedly hear more stuff like this rather than less for quite some time now.

Lame Duck Bush Quacks Big Time

While Obama diligently prepares to take over the presidency on January 20th, Lame duck Bush is busy leaving his legacy all over the White House front lawn for everyone else to clean up. One of his most important last minute proposals will effect healthy policy is so potentially discriminating that his own appointee in the [...]

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Cheney and Gonzales

It’s cool and all that a few Texans want Cheney and Gonzales to be held accountable for something, do future presidential pardons make evrything but the trial moot? Hair flip to Off the Kuff.

Join The Impact Saturday Night: Fight the H8

Tell everyone you know about this international protest. The Reno protest is at 5:30 at 10 North Virginia Street. City Plaza in front of Reno City Hall. 5:30 PM ( Yes, I know it’s supposed to be at 10:30 but for some reason the Reno organizers decided to hold it at 5:30). Local organizing sites [...]

The New York Times Special Edition

Tonight I find out that one of my fellow Twitter Vote Report activists helped organize today’s special edition of the New York Times. While driving home from work, I heard Beka Economopoulos on the radio talking about the event. I emailed her when I got home and she sent me the official press release. What [...]

My Radio Chat about Sarah Palin

None of you heard it, but I was on the radio in Palm Springs (THE HOT TALK IS ON…. NEWSTALK 920, KPSI-AM) talking about the ceaseless prattling of Sarah Palin with the gracious Stan Layne. I really enjoyed my 7 minutes and was well prepared to talk about (not) my gal Sarah Palin. I don’t [...]

Ding Dong, Sheldon Adelson Is Going Bankrupt

That’s what the Gleaner would say anyway.  It looks like “bitchy little area megalomaniac” Sheldon Aldelson is in danger of going bankrupt.  You know what they say about karma. Take it from Bloomberg: Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) — Las Vegas Sands Corp., billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s casino company, fell the most in New York trading since going [...]

And So It Begins…

A Time for Statesmanship

Probably the most important things I did last year was read Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biography of Abraham Lincoln: A Party of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. It’s clear that Obama admires Lincoln and is seeking to approach his presidency in the same manner that Lincoln did–as a statesman rather than a party loyalist. [...]