Watch Out for The Parking Police River Festival Contestants

Consider this a warning. The Reno Police Department is taking parking A LOT more seriously this year. So much seriously that they are enforcing the 2 hour parking rule in the lot in Barbara Bennett Park (across the street from Wingfield Park–something they really didn’t enforce in years past. So let this be a warning [...]

Gold Butte Conservation Bill 7132

I attended high school in St. George, Utah so I know Mesquite and Gold Butte. Just a hop, skip, and a hiccup away from St. George, Mesquite was the place you could buy beer at 18, and although I’m not all that outdoorsy (I know, shocking!), even I can appreciate the Virgin River gorge and [...]

Nevada’s Solar Power Future

Scandalmonger at Vote Gibbons Out posted a portion of a letter James Hansen, recipient of this year’s Desert Research Institutes’s Nevada Award, wrote to Governor Gibbons regarding his lack of leadership on state energy policy.  Of course, leadership and Governor Gibbons are mutually exclusive entities: “Although the fossil fuel industry pedals misinformation, claiming that renewable [...]

We he(ART) Bikes Art Show

The Reno Bike Project presents its second annual bike art show and fund-raiser. Join us at Grayspace Gallery and Holland HQ and enjoy a variety of bike-themed art. Purchase paintings, photos and multi-media pieces from artists such as Ahren Hertel, Chris Carnel, Candace Nicol and many more. Profits help support Grayspace, The Holland Project and [...]

Nevada and Common-sense Environmentalism

I’ve been thinking about since yesterday’s post on Dean Heller’s short-sighted idea of environmental policy. Orcinus has two great posts on “common-sense environmentalism,” or the importance of urban environmentalists and rural residents working together on environmental campaigns. Sarah Robinson writes about Mono Lake and Dave Neiwert writes about protecting old-growth forest in the Northwest.  Here’s [...]

Reno River Festival Run Amuck

The Reno River Festival’s first year run as a private run entity looks to be starting off with a bang, or maybe I should say amuck? One of the new events this year will be the Run Amuck–a 2.5 mile run along and through the river. Among its challenges, the Run Amuck features, not one, [...]

Banning Beer At Nevada Football Games

Nevada’s Governor Jim Gibbons may be getting divorced soon, Microsoft may have been fined $1.35 billion by the European Union, and John Solomon may have written another hit piece–this time on Obama–but today’s most important issue is UNR’s possible ban on beer sales at football games. Along with football, binge beer-drinking and the drunken brawls [...]

Reno’s Downtown Baseball Stadium District

For an excellent account of today’s downtown baseball stadium groundbreaking, visit Ken’s Urban Blog. Somehow Ken managed to attend the event even though he lives in Seattle. Does he astral project? Anyway, the new stadium district is what I’m most excited about–not the baseball stadium, although that will be nice too. I think the stadium [...]

Reno’s Downtown Is Looking Up in 2008

These two articles in the RGJ are most reads for those of you who are interested in Reno’s downtown development. Highlights are: A location is finally named for a permanent downtown market. Its going to be on West Street in the buildings surrounding the courtyard between the old Liquid Lounge and the old G-Spot. A [...]

2008 Reno River Festival Website Is Up

Reno River dude Jim Litchfield alerted me to the new Reno River Festival website published by the new promoters, Reno River Festival LLC. They are going to add a couple of new events this year including Street Rapids, which sounds like a hair-raising bike race, and a mud-filled fun run they are calling Run Amuck: [...]

Hillary Clinton Friday Visit Cancelled

But check out the Reno Bike Project anyway.

Nevada Blog Love: The Real Poop

Desert Beacon, or DB as I like to call her, catches Dean Heller telling the “SCHIP is a move to socialized medicine” whopper again. Has he no integrity? No independent speech outside of talking points? I guess the junior congressman has few paragons of virtue to look up to as Kirk Caraway and the Gleaner [...]

Nevada Blog Love

An effort to share what Nevada bloggers are posting about. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Desert Beacon is the best Nevada blogger you might not be reading. The inimitable Beacon had this to day about Heller’s obtuse SCHIP vote: “When the expressions “circular firing squad,” “lemmings,” and “stuck pigs” are combined [...]

If The Homeless Were Dogs, Would We Care More?

In case you missed it, The RGJ has an excellent article on the disturbing increase in victimization of Reno’s homeless population by teenagers. You may have heard about the recent death of 55 year old James Markham Beasley, a homeless man who was beaten to death by two young men: Christopher Michael Maciolek, 19, known [...]

AAA Baseball Is Coming To Reno

DMD has the slide show and other details. Again, the one part of this whole deal has me unsure because I don’t see it in the details. Maybe DMD can help us out? Is there a requirement for the developer to actually develop any of the ball park district other than the stadium? For me, [...]