Nothing Else Seems To Work

Where’s Monica when you need her? Condi just ain’t gonna oblige. Oh, did I say that? Naughty minx. Thanks for this picture from some hipster tipsters in Wyoming and New Jersey. Thanks girls.

Whole Foods is Coming, and Competition is a Good Thing

I heard what I thought was an unsubstantiated rumor that Whole Paycheck was coming to Reno. So I went poking around the Whole Foods website, and lo and behold, it is true. This pleases me, because as much as I like Wild Oats, I’ve had some less than stellar customer service experiences there lately. For [...]

Winner of The Vaguest Letter to The RGJ Editor Goes To

Reece Keener of Elko who writes: The reason why Nevadans are “split on senator” is because Sen. Reid has placed his party’s needs ahead of the needs of his constituents. It’s evident from his numerous rants that he is clearly “out of touch” with Nevadans. Maybe he should examine recent history, and find out what [...]

Marshall tips her hand

Democrat from Reno shows the world who’s running the show on her campaign Today, Kate Marshall — one of the Democrats’ best shots at taking a constitutional office this year — rolled out her finance committee. For those of you in the dark about such things, Finance Committees are groups that help candidates raise money. [...]

Kathy Griffin, Ann Coulter and Live Blogging The Daily Show

Not only is her show, “My Life On The D-List,” smart and highly entertaining, Kathy Griffin calls out all the right people like Ann Coulter. We all know Coulter talks out of her ass 101% of the time, but it seems like she’s granted entirely too much credibility through the mainstream media. The fact that [...]

Melina Says: Sadly, They Weren’t Killed

Check out the Topix.net forum on the recent Sparks gas siphoning incident. I love the rationale that its okay to shoot someone on the street because they’re sucking gas from your car. That’s car abuse! That’s car assault and battery! You must defend your poor defenseless car from such an abhorrent violation. Its your duty–it [...]

Winner of the Oh No He/She Didn’t Just Bring Up Dangling Prepositions Letter to the RGJ Editor Award Goes To:

Pat Thomas of Sparks who writes about matters of earth shattering importance (see my markup in italics, parantheses, and in some cases brackets): We often read and hear about why students aren’t succeeding in school and (aren’t) better prepared for post-education life [life after education (but is there such a thing really?)], but I have [...]

I Have A Dream That One Day The Sunday Paper Will Be Delivered To My Front Door

The minx desires the simple pleasures most people enjoy in this life; a cool drink on a hot day, fresh crusty bread hot out of the oven, a post coital cigarette enjoyed after sending the house boy back to his closet, and the Sunday paper delivered to her front door. Its not that much to [...]

Co-Winners of Most Hyperbolic Letters to The RGJ Editor Are:

Ms. Ann Larson and Mr. Richard Schneider. You guys know how I love letters to the editors and these two were too hard to pass up. Today’s selections cover SUV hate speech and Hitler. First, I have to say that the RGJ must be awarding the Silver Pen award based upon the best use of [...]

Is Making English The National Language Racist?

The RGJ’s latest poll asks the following question: “The U.S. Senate voted Thursday to make English the national language, Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said: “I really believe this amendment is racist. I think it’s directed basically to people who speak Spanish.” Do you agree with Reid?” My poll question would be “What is the [...]

Idol Rage

Excuse me while I rant. What the hell was so good about Chris Daughtry? Second only to Ace Young, the lame floppy-haired loverboy, Daughtry was the most unoriginal and boring out of the bunch of mostly lackluster contestants with the exception of Mandisa, who could sing all of the other contestants off the island without [...]

Its A Long Way Down From Cracker

Okay, the minx rants now and again but its mostly in good fun. However, I find myself a little disgusted over The Reno River Festival’s choice of musical entertainment this year. The festival, which began its foray into musical entertainment with a bang by bringing in Cracker for the Harrah’s free concert, has done a [...]

Keen Footwear Kicks Local

It was just brought to my attention that a local business is being screwed by one of their suppliers. Reno Mountain Sports, (RMS) a fixture in the local sporting goods and whitewater community, has had a booth at the Reno River Festival with Keen Footwear for the last 2 years. However, when RMS contacted Keen [...]

Downtown Reno, The Mine Field That Is My Home

Minx nod to the luminous and sharp Desert Beacon who picked up the downtown construction map noted in the RGJ–now you have some idea of what the minx and Yukon Sully have been contending with lately. I think every street within a four block radius of the Palace of Thunder is under some form of [...]

I’m Sorry, But I Don’t Like You, So I’m Not Going To Give You Your Medication

From Pandagon: And I thought the government enforced pregnancy situation was bad before. Now pharmacists in Washington State are denying women who’ve had abortions access to antibiotics to prevent infection. This is punishment dished out by the self-righteous pure and simple. The procedure has been completed, its not even a factor anymore. The only fact [...]