Best and Worst Moments of Vice Presidential Debate

Oh Snap moment: Joe Biden’s “Bridge to nowhere” comment Scariest moment: Sarah Palin talking about the power of the vice president: Most groan inducing moment: The dreaded “white flag of surrender:” Video thanks to CSPAN’s Debate Hub which let’s you search for video clips using certain words.

Two Best Campaign Websites: Huckabee and Obama

As much as I DON’T like him as a candidate, Mike Huckabee’s campaign website is terrific, and the one advantage his site has over Obama’s is that almost everything is above the fold. Huckabee’s site also features strong calls to action, fund raising efforts, timely featured content, blog posts, and check out those social networking [...]

The 2007 Weblog Awards: You (13) Really Like Me!

Something must be wrong because Reno and Its Discontents has gotten 13 whole votes.  I guess being the #6751 best blog in the universe is better than being #8751! Who knew……