President Obama Healthcare Speech at George Mason University

President Obama spoke at my alma mater George Mason University on March 19th about health care reform. Watch it!

Can We Recession Proof Public Colleges and Univesities?

As a recent New York Times article pointed out, ever since The Chronicle of Higher Education published the results of its annual executive compensation survey, some college chief executives began to experience very public pangs of overcompensation in a down economy–particularly once said presidents began to see their names appear in the flurry of local [...]

We Did It!

America’s New Morning

I just sent an email to my little sister, who is finishing up her tour in Mosul, telling her that Barack Obama is her new president elect. This morning, I also learned that my lifelong Texas Republican uncle voted for Obama today. He helped rebuild the city of Baghdad after victory was announced in Iraq [...]

Voter Suppression Action Alert in North Carolina

Voter Suppression Wiki If you know people in North Carolina, please help get the news out. The Voter Suppression Wiki has released it’s first action alert, for a voting problem in North Carolina. According to Chris Kromm at Facing South, as many as 40,000 votes for presidential candidates will be under counted because North Carolina’s [...]

McCain Thinks He’s Already President

Is he crazy, or just crazy like a fox? McCain’s talking to the Georgian president several times a day and he’s sending his own diplomatic core (Senators Graham and Lieberman). McCain is even called himself president during a speech in Michigan the other day. Do you remember the press scrum the erupted when people found [...]

McCain Late for Endorsement: Bush Tap Dances

You really can’t make this stuff up. McCain is late for his own historic endorsement by a sitting president, president tap dances for the press, press gets hot dogs, although I’m sure they would’ve rather had barbecued ribs. How embarrassing is that for President Bush. Is McCain standing a step behind Bush so he and [...]

Dear America, John McCain is Mr. McSurly

America, please don’t make John McCain my president.  Saying “my friends” 100 times per public appearance does not mitigate John McCain’s fundamental flaw–he’s about as charismatic as a dishrag.  Even worse, McCain is pompous, grumpy, surly, condescending, and short.  He is a veteran, you have to give him that.

I’m Already Sick So I’m Not Watching The Florida Republican Debate

Seriously, I just took some nighttime cold medicine and am now going to watch the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I know I can’t talk an hour and a half long discussion about how important it is to cut taxes to stimulate the economy. Here’s the debate for tonight in 30 seconds: Reagan, tax cuts, private [...]

The Nevada Caucus: Chuck It?

(AP) Besides mine of course. I still find the position of Democratic leaders like Dina Titus and Mike Zahara to be prematurely reactive (ha!) to the extreme and sort of, I don’t know, short-sighted? I don’t understand spending a year supporting an event in order to increase Nevada’s political influence, and then, just when that [...]

Why Recalling The Nevada Caucus Is A Bad Idea

Dina Titus is wrong. Sheila Leslie is right. After a few hours of celebrating what went well during the Nevada Caucus, critics went straight to work on pointing out everything that went wrong (and no one would be exaggerating, would they?) and mounting what constitutes a recall campaign led by Dina Titus. The euphoria of [...]

Hot Damn, We Got Ourselves A Debate!

Thanks to the campaign hijinks surrounding the Nevada Caucus, the Democrats are having a heated debate in South Carolina! The candidates are finally talking about race too. The Swamp is liveblogging. Clinton and Obama did a good job of tag-teaming Obama and forcing him to explain votes and policy positions, that is when Edwards was [...]

At My Caucus, The Clinton Supporters Had The Strongest Arms. Just Saying

Please, the Nevada Caucus should be a rough and raucous affair–fair, but also rough and raucous like any western democratic process. I think most of the commotion is a result of the fact that the caucus process is new to Nevada. Just give us a chance to work it out, how long have Iowa and [...]

Andrew Sullivan Endorses Ron Paul

So, Andrew Sullivan has gone and done it. Sullivan’s endorsed Ron Paul for the Republican nomination. I suppose its more a result of the quality of candidates for the Republican and Democratic nominations, but I find it kind of amazing that the same person can endorse Obama AND Paul knowing what they know.  It seems [...]

Bless Their Little Ron Paul Hearts

Photo of UNR students writing the U.S. Constitution in front of Lawlor Events Center courtesy of Inside Nevada Politics and Ron Paul campaign volunteer Robert Tehrune Ron Paul is coming to Reno. In principle, I hate the idea of discouraging anyone’s excitement about a political candidate, and this kind of effort in support of any candidate [...]