It’s The Slow Dripping You Have to Stop

So last week I ranted about the proposed HHS regulation that seeks to redefine contraception in a way that will limit womens’ access to contraception. Today, I am writing my more measured post on the subject even thought I’m just as mad today as I was last week. First, how might the new HHS regulations [...]

McCain or Bush? Planned Parenthood’s New Video

You can get more information at Planned Parenthood.

Blogging Can Make You Broke

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the chilling effect legal threats, not to best price cialis online mention actual lawsuits, can have on blogging in general, actually place to buy viagra online and bloggers in particular. It seems like a good time now that I’m “out,” (so to speak) to write about it. I blogged anonymously for several reasons (personal security and lexapro online cheap job [...]