Watch Out for The Parking Police River Festival Contestants

Consider this a warning. The Reno Police Department is taking parking A LOT more seriously this year. So much seriously that they are enforcing the 2 hour parking rule in the lot in Barbara Bennett Park (across the street from Wingfield Park–something they really didn’t enforce in years past. So let this be a warning [...]

Reno River Festival Run Amuck

The Reno River Festival’s first year run as a private run entity looks to be starting off with a bang, or maybe I should say amuck? One of the new events this year will be the Run Amuck–a 2.5 mile run along and through the river. Among its challenges, the Run Amuck features, not one, [...]

2008 Reno River Festival Website Is Up

Reno River dude Jim Litchfield alerted me to the new Reno River Festival website published by the new promoters, Reno River Festival LLC. They are going to add a couple of new events this year including Street Rapids, which sounds like a hair-raising bike race, and a mud-filled fun run they are calling Run Amuck: [...]