Mitch McConnell, I Mean Frank Luntz, I Mean Mitch McConnell

See Mitch McConnell rely exclusively on Republican pollster Frank Luntz’s talking points to argue against regulation that would PREVENT future “Big Bank Bailouts.” But don’t let the truth get in the way there, Mitch.

Palins Proves Her Mettle If Not Her Ability To Be Honest

It’s late so I’m not going to write a whole lot, however, I have to hand it to Sarah Palin and tall. She showed the nation she can speechify with the best of them no thanks to Rudy Giuliani who deliberately took more time than he was allotted making it impossible for the RNC to [...]

Citizen and Independent Journalists Are Using Social Media to Cover The Poltical Conventions

Social media tools are enabling citizen and independent journalists to provide compelling and instantaneous media coverage of the political conventions. Not only are mainstream media journalists, newspapers, and magazines using Twitter to send out news updates more quickly than ever, but now bloggers, citizen journalists, and independent journalists are using social media in innovative ways [...]

The Uptake Is A Must Read

If you want to see and read some fascination local coverage of the Republican National Convention, check out The Uptake. I’m following them on Twitter (@The Uptake) and they are doing some compelling work. Please check them out. They just tweeted that some of the writers may be getting arrested as we speak.

Minneapolis Police Actions Before RNC

The reports coming out of Minneapolis/St. Paul are just unfathomable. The Uptake has video of media personnel describing being detained by police and Glen Greenwald has an excellent summary on